Handy Tips

1. Tip #1 - Inside Out

Wash all of your clothes inside out to protect the fibres against damage from the washing machine drum or from e.g. zippers in other clothes

2. Tip #2 - Rinse Out Your Detergent Receptacle

Rinse out your washing soap receptacle often so that you remove all excess washing soap and fabric softener

3. Tip #3 - Clean the Washing Machine

Just like other machines that are used often, washing machines need to be cleaned to remove e.g. chlorine, dirt and smells. Your washing machine's handbook contains cleaning instructions that will tell you how to best clean the machine. Most manufacturers recommend running the machine empty at a high temperature (60 or even 90 degrees). Naturally, a clean machine will help provide the best washing results with Woolite®.

4. Tip #4 - Fill the Machine

Most modern washing machines produce effective results even when they are completely full. Therefore, you should fill the machine completely instead of running it half full.

5. Tip #5 - Energy Marking

When you buy a new washing machine, look for the one that is best for the environment (energy and water consumption).

6. Tip #6 - Cotton

Cotton can be machine washed using Woolite® Complete™ and Woolite® Extra Dark Care without causing shrinking, stretching or fading.

7. Tip #7 - Dry Clothes Per Label Instructions

Follow label instructions for drying your clothes. Some fabrics require that you tumble dry them in low heat, or that you don't tumble dry them at all.

8. Tip #8 - Wash At Low Temperatures

Woolite® recommends that you save energy and water by washing at low temperatures.