Questions and answers

1. Is Woolite® Baby Care only for handwashing my clothes?

Woolite® Baby Care can be used either for handwashing or machine washing.

2. Is Woolite® Everyday only for use on my delicate clothes, such as silk and other delicate fabrics?

No. Woolite® Everyday formula has been specially created to clean & care for ALL types of fabrics and ALL colours in all washing cycles. Woolite's detergent effectively washes away everyday dirt, while helping care for all types of clothes - from jeans, to tees, to more delicate fabrics like wool and silk.

3. Is liquid detergent better or worse than powder detergent?

Liquid detergents are often easier to use: they dissolve faster in the wash, they are simpler to dispense and they do not leave residue on the clothes. By adding a stain removal product, such as Resolve® Fabric Treatment, a detergent can ensure that even the toughest stains disappear - without harming fabrics and colours.

4. Can I replace my Woolite® with an ordinary detergent?

No. Woolite® can clean your clothes and give your clothes care against fading and shape loss.

5. What water temperature should I use when I wash with Woolite®?

See the instructions label in your clothes.

6. Does Woolite® wash just as effectively as my normal laundry detergent?

Woolite® effectively removes everyday dirt, while helping to care for your clothes. For extra tough or dried in stains, we recommend that you pre-treat the stains with a stain remover such as Resolve® Fabric Treatment.

7. What does "everyday dirt" mean?

Everyday dirt means different types of dirt that you typically get on your clothes during the day and have dried in for a couple of days.

8. What does "washing related damage" mean?

Washing related damage is damage to your clothes that has occurred due to repeated chemical, temperature related or mechanical wear on your clothes during the wash. Certain ingredients that may be included in laundry detergents can damage clothing fibres and colours. This, in combination with high washing temperatures and heavy centrifuging, can cause your clothes to "age prematurely".

9. How can I avoid clothing fibres from becoming damaged during the wash?

By following the washing instructions for your garments, you can help care for the fibres of your clothes. For the most part, it is good to wash at low temperatures and use a short wash program. When you do not have particularly tough or dried in stains on your clothes it is best to use all Woolite® products at low temperatures.

10. What types of clothes can I wash with Woolite®?

You can use Woolite® for practically all your clothes. Always remember to look at washing instructions for your clothes before washing them to follow the garment care instructions.

11. Can washing related damage be removed from clothes?

No, it is almost impossible to remove washing related damage. A faded t-shirt or jeans won't recover its colour, and a shrunk dress has lost its shape forever. Therefore, it is important to use Woolite® for all your clothes from the first wash.